FusionLink MultiPath


Xpedite FusionLink MultiPath revolutionizes connectivity by integrating multiple communication channels such as cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, and fixed lines. This unique Multi-Channel Bonding technology creates a high-capacity, aggregated data stream, enhancing bandwidth and ensuring reliability. Designed with the robust Teltonika routers, FusionLink MultiPath excels in network management, scalability, and security, making it an ideal solution for various operational environments.

Multi-Channel Bonding

  • Combines different connectivity channels to provide an aggregated, high-capacity data stream.
  • Offers improved bandwidth and reliability, ensuring superior internet access.

Seamless Failover

  • Automatically switches data flows to active channels if one medium fails, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Maintains continuous operations and consistent network access, critical for mission-critical applications.

Teltonika Router Integration

  • Utilizes data from IoT sensors to identify potential issues before they escalate into failures.
  • Enables proactive maintenance and troubleshooting, minimizing the risk of prolonged outages and enhancing system reliability.

Advanced Traffic Management

  • Employs intelligent algorithms to manage bandwidth allocation efficiently.
  • Prioritizes critical applications, ensuring they receive the necessary resources for uninterrupted performance.
Content Filtering and Safe Browsing

Enhanced Security Features

  • Incorporates comprehensive security measures including VPN, encryption, and firewalls.
  • Safeguards data across all communication channels, ensuring secure and protected connectivity.

Remote Management and Monitoring

  • Enables straightforward remote network management, allowing for easy configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Ensures optimal network performance and accessibility from anywhere.

Rapid Deployment and Installation

  • Distinguished by its quick deployment capability, becoming fully operational within 24 hours.
  • Minimizes downtime and accelerates the establishment of essential communications.

Scalable and Customizable

  • Can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of various industries and operational needs.
  • Offers flexibility and adaptability, ensuring a perfect fit for different environments and applications.


Xpedite FusionLink MultiPath is especially beneficial for:

  • Ensuring continuous network access at telecommunication highsites.
  • Supporting remote operations in mining, agriculture, and construction.
  • Providing dependable communications for emergency response teams.
  • Enhancing connectivity in rural or underserved regions.
  • Facilitating temporary setups for events with limited traditional connectivity.
Bonding Application

Xpedite FusionLink MultiPath stands at the forefront of connectivity solutions, merging multiple communication mediums to deliver robust and reliable internet access. Featuring rapid deployment, advanced traffic management, and enhanced security, this solution enables businesses to maintain continuous operations, secure data transmission, and achieve optimal performance. Opt for Xpedite FusionLink MultiPath for a comprehensive, swiftly implementable solution that ensures your operations stay consistently connected, irrespective of external conditions or challenges.

Unlock unparalleled connectivity and reliability for your operations.

Contact our experienced sales team today to discover how Xpedite FusionLink MultiPath can revolutionize your communication infrastructure.

Don’t settle for limitations imposed by single-channel solutions—embrace the future with our innovative Multi-Channel Bonding technology. Reach out now to schedule a consultation and experience the power of enhanced bandwidth, scalability, and security with FusionLink MultiPath. Your seamless connectivity awaits—contact us today to embark on the journey towards optimized operational efficiency.

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