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The virtual APN, provides a secure and dedicated APN solution, ideal for businesses requiring robust layer 3 direct routed connections for their remote workforce. Simply put, the virtual APN operates with a SIM card that can be inserted into any device, be it a smartphone, a 4G route, or a laptop. This SIM card connectivity is exclusively directed towards your corporate network, this prohibits its use for activities such as:

Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind

Enhanced Security

At the core of Xpedite Technologies’ offerings is our Private APN service, a bastion of enterprise-level security. It provides an exclusive network environment, ensuring that sensitive information is insulated from external threats. By segregating network traffic through customized settings, we guarantee that your critical data remains secure, visible only to authorized users.

Rapid Deployment for Immediate Needs

Optimized Speed and Reliability

Experience the end of public network congestion. Xpedite Technologies’ Private APN offers a direct route for traffic into corporate networks, circumventing the overcrowded public internet. This privileged pathway not only boosts data transfer speeds but also solidifies your network’s reliability, ensuring seamless business operations and uninterrupted service.

Customizable IP Addressing and Segregation

Customizable IP Addressing

Adaptability is a hallmark of our Private APN solution. Clients have the liberty to select between public and private static IP addresses, granting the flexibility to configure network settings tailored to precise operational needs. This functionality is crucial for IoT systems, where stable, continuous, and secure connections are essential for efficient device monitoring and control.

Targeted Applications

The Private APN by Xpedite Technologies is ideally suited for:

  • Healthcare organizations aiming to protect patient records and sensitive medical information.
  • Government bodies in need of secure channels for sensitive communications.
  • Legal entities managing confidential case details and client data.
  • Educational institutions safeguarding student and academic information.
  • IoT applications requiring consistent, secure, and manageable network connectivity.



Step into a realm of enhanced connectivity with Xpedite Technologies’ Private APN, where data security, operational speed, and network control converge to support your business’s unique needs. Embrace the serenity that accompanies a secure, dedicated network channel, f ree from the vulnerabilities of public internet pathways. Our bespoke solution not only promises secure data transmission but also empowers your operations with tailor-made network solutions. Opt for Xpedite Technologies Private APN and experience a networking solution that not only protects your data but also propels your business forward with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

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