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Wilson High-Gain LPDA Antenna

The Wilson High Gain Wide Band LPDA Antenna features 11-13 dBi of gain and is one of our most powerful donor antennas that is designed to reduce out of band noise, to improve SiNR and overall signal quality.


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Product Description

The Wilson 311228 High Gain LPDA is the most powerful directional outside antenna that Wilson Electronics has to offer. It’s best for situations where you have a clear line of sight to the cell tower and need the maximum gain for a weak existing outside signal or for when you have a noisy signal environment and need pinpoint accuracy to target the best nearby cell tower for the highest possible SINR.

The Wilson LPDA antenna provides between 11 and 13 dBi of gain for all of the frequencies that signal boosters are able to amplify, so it can be used with any 5-band signal booster.

The Wilson 311228 High Gain antenna is 44 inches long, so it requires a solid pole to mount the antenna to.

Please see the Wilson LPDA Antenna spec sheet for more information.