enterprise connectivity with speeds of up to 200Mbps




UP TO 200mbps


Our Bonded connectivity solution incorporates an additional WAN port which can be plugged into any other medium (Fibre, LTE or Microwave) to assimilate all WAN data into a single bonded layer 2 link. This means that any time in the future should your business require additional broadband capacity, you can increase both the speed and the redundancy of the link without changing any hardware.


Bonding multiple lines gives your business resiliency and the added confidence that if one line was to go down the connection remains stable and your service operates normally. The bonding solution uses a form of AI to readjust the bonding profile without you suffering any downtime.

Additionally, the fact that Xpedite Tech specialises in multiple services such as LTE and FTTB provides additional resiliency. If one type of connection suffers downtime, the others will remain fully operational.


Xpedite Tech’s bonded connectivity solutions are future-proof. So if you are stuck in what feels like a never-ending wait for your fibre line – we can bond the solutions you currently have so you can continue to run your business successfully. And then when the fibre line does arrive we can easily upgrade the connection and you take advantage of a fully integrated bonded solution with multiple failover protection.

Additionally, the fact that a bonding solution can continue to upgrade your line speed – you can start where your business can afford and increase your line speed as your business grows, without requiring new hardware.


RAPID Deployment

Aggregate bandwidth and failover between multiple WAN links

Lightning speeds of up to 200Mbps

Redundancy - Drop WAN ports with zero packet loss over layer 2

Aggregate bandwidth and boost reliability in all your remote deployments

Lower latency

Provide a quality service in remote and hard to reach places

Bond multiple slow WAN links to aggregate bandwidth at sites with poor connectivity options

99% coverage in South Africa

Failover to cellular when other links go down

As an owner managed business ourselves, we understand that your business is as unique as you are.

That is why we guarantee a fleXible approach to varied connectivity requirements that ensures bespoke solutions that meet your needs.