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At Xpedite Technologies, we specialize in advanced telecommunications and network management solutions, engineered to propel your business into the future. With cutting-edge technology and innovative products, we are committed to enhancing connectivity, security, and operational efficiency across various sectors.

Xpedite FusionLink MultiPath

Seamlessly bond multiple communication mediums for unmatched bandwidth and reliability. Ideal for telecommunication highsites, remote operations, and emergency response units, FusionLink MultiPath ensures your operations stay connected, always. We’ve got you covered.

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Private APN Data Solutions

Experience superior network control, speed, and security with our Private APN products, designed for enterprises demanding robust data protection. Perfect for industries like healthcare, government, and education, our solutions keep your sensitive data safe from external threats.

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Event Connectivity Solutions

Transform your events with rapid deployment of our Private APN infrastructure, ensuring high-speed, secure, and controlled network traffic. Tailored for event organizers, our solutions provide seamless connectivity to enhance attendee and vendor experiences.

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Mining Connectivity Solutions

Navigate the challenging environments of mining operations with our tailored Private APN solutions, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity for continuous operation and real-time monitoring.

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Student Accommodation Connectivity

Equip student accommodations with high-speed Fibre Internet and secure Private APN networks, providing a safe, efficient, and controlled online environment for students.

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SummitNet Highsite Remote Monitoring

Advance your telecommunication highsites with our Mobile Private APN and Teltonika routers, integrated with Bluetooth IoT for enhanced security and real-time environmental monitoring.

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TravelTech Mobile on the Go

Stay connected wherever you go with our mobile solutions, featuring built-in rechargeable power banks and Teltonika routers, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and monitoring.

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AgriLink Agriculture Solutions

Revolutionize your agricultural operations with real-time monitoring and control, improving crop yield and operational efficiency with our tailored technology solutions.

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Fleetguard Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

Elevate your fleet management with Xpedite FleetGuard. Utilize our Private APN and IoT technology for real-time vehicle tracking, environmental monitoring, and in-vehicle surveillance, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

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